Wagglingly Nutrition: Email Marketing, Blog Posts, Social Media

When Pamela first approached us she pretty much just had a product and a website with 2 blog posts. Fast forward to four months later. She now has a robust blog with content that speaks to her ideal customer.

The blog posts are shared on social media with Pam’s audience.

We also helped her with her email marketing efforts, setting up her MailChimp account, creating her lists and multiple drip sequences to nurture leads from both her blog and her off-site customer base. We also produced an eBook to be used as part of the sequence as well as for generating leads on the blog.

While the business is still young, with our continued support  Wagglingly Nutrition is poised for growth and we will update this project with further statistics as they become available.


Sample Blog Posts:

These 8 House Plants Will Purify the Air in Your Home

Choosing a BPA Free Water Bottle





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September 26, 2018

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