Here’s the emoji that best describes your email marketing efforts…


Who’s a rising star!?

You are!

Your conversion rates could use some improvement but you know what your readers and customers want and need.

Maybe you get tripped up on what to say to them but give yourself some credit for still being consistent and sending them emails even when you’re not sure what to say. Because sometimes that’s the hardest part.

Once you figure out automation and scaling, you’ll be on your way to even better conversion numbers.

What you need is a solid plan and someone to take you through the steps.

Stick with me and in no time I’ll have you generating endless ideas for email content and planning effective email sequences so your readers stay engaged and open to buying whatever you have for sale.

I’m Anna,
Your Inbox Whisperer

I write high converting direct response copy and develop marketing strategy for brands. I like the term Customer Experience Architect because it’s the best explanation of what I do.

I use my passion for email marketing and research to make money for my clients. If you’re interested, I can do the same for you.

Whether you’re:

  • Looking for guidance on strategy
  • In search of a done-for-you service
  • Want to learn step by step how to make email marketing work for you
  • Are just a lurker who was bored and decided to take this quiz (I can’t be the only one who does that!) 

Stick with me and I’ll provide a solution that’s just right for you. 


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