Skip the Overwhelm & Confusion with

The CPR Sales Funnel Blueprint™️ for female coaches, consultants, and other online service providers

The complete copywriting and funnel strategy blueprint for streamlining your business.

Start attracting your ideal clientele and making the big bucks without wondering, “Am I doing this right?”, “Is it working?” or “Why can’t I get better leads?”

But before we dive into what the CPR Sales Funnel Blueprint™️ is, I have a quick question for you:

What would your business look like in 8 weeks if you could get all the moving parts of your sales funnel to work together seamlessly?

What if you had compelling website copy and emails to entice the type of clients you want to work with and sell your services and offers on autopilot?

Because what I know about you is this …

… You are in the process of building your business – maybe even while working full-time – and you’re struggling to get all the pieces in place so you can start attracting the right audience

… You want to start earning enough to transition to your business full-time, but the leads you’re generating aren’t a right fit, especially for the high-ticket offers and services you want to sell

… You don’t have a clear plan, no idea what lead magnet will work for your audience, and need your funnel strategized and streamlined

… Sometimes you feel so overwhelmed with all the moving pieces that you just sit and do nothing, wondering why others can get it together and you can’t

… You might have even invested in copywriting already, but it didn’t make any difference to your sales because there was no strategy driving your decisions


When you’re at this stage, you need more than just strategy or implementation or copy.


You need a conversion copy strategist who understands how to get the copy for your sales and landing pages and emails to attract the right audience.


You need these emails, landing pages, and sales pages to be designed and implemented without you needing to tinker with code or complex software.


You need a funnel strategist to put the pieces together so you can start generating those leads and sales with the help of automation.

And you need it all in one place to ensure everything flows seamlessly.

So, here’s what you can do.

Book Your Spot for the CPR Sales Funnel Blueprint™️

A sales funnel framework that places empathy and the customer experience at the center of every stage of your sales funnel.

The Consistent Predictable Revenue (CPR) Blueprint™️ from AFIWI Marketing will grow your customer base, drive leads to your pipeline, and increase your revenue.

The CPR Sales Funnel Blueprint™️ is a done-for-you service that combines copywriting, design, and funnel strategy along with automation so that you can get everything done in one place to avoid overwhelm and burnout.

“Anna … demonstrated impeccable knowledge about marketing trends in my industry.”

 “I chose to work with Anna because she demonstrated impeccable knowledge about marketing trends in my industry. I was excited to work with someone who could not only do what I was requesting but who could also suggest ways to make my project ‘pop’!

I would tell anyone considering Anna for their project that they are making a wise and profitable choice; she really added value to my business/brand beyond what I initially asked for.”

Tasha Harris – Adirah Health & Wholeness

The CPR Sales Funnel Blueprint™️ is the ultimate marketing, sales strategy and copywriting bundle for coaches, consultants, and online service providers who want measurable growth.

It is designed to get you from frustrated and anxious to organized, calm and confident.

Working together, we’ll translate your skills, experience, and expertise into a marketable service or offer that:


Confidently displays your zone of genius to the world and builds your authority.


Positions you as an expert in your field and develops your brand into an unforgettable online experience for your target clients.


Turns skeptical prospects into clients and customers ready to work with you … even if you have a waitlist.

By the end of our eight weeks together to implement The CPR Sales Funnel Blueprint™, you will have:

Transformed how you do business and attract clients with a blueprint that has been tried, tested, and proven by my current and previous clients.

Discovered how the best-in-class coaches, consultants, and online service providers attract their ideal audience, build their reputation, and generate higher revenues.

Built out a strategic sales funnel based on your offer(s) and your target audience.

Set up your systems and automated your process, taken advantage of evergreen resources, and have a method to continually bring in and qualify new leads.

Now, if you’re thinking, OK, all that sounds awesome.
But who are you to be offering this service?

I’m Anna,

A Conversion Copywriter and Sales Funnel Strategist

I work with business owners and entrepreneurs to connect the dots from where they are now to where they want to go so they can earn more doing what they love.

My CPR Sales Funnel Blueprint™️ is the result of having worked with numerous coaches and online service providers and seeing how they struggled to put the pieces together after receiving the new copy for their websites, sales pages, or emails.

So, having worked out a repeatable system that can be personalized for each of my clients, I’ve been able to get them to connect the dots and start attracting more leads and sales.

That’s part of the reason why my clients call me a CONNECTOR. Because I have an uncanny ability to take their big picture goals – better clients, increased revenue, greater freedom – and put them into a series of actionable steps – ideal client profile, clear offer, sales funnel strategy, conversion-focused website pages, email marketing, automation to make it all run seamlessly – to get them these desired results.

Along the way, I’ve gotten a bit obsessed with tools, systems, and having things organized. So, through this process, I can help you clarify your message and attract & engage the right audience from idea to strategy and implementation.

I have 5+ years experience as a copywriter and email marketing strategist, 4+ years marketing experience, and 3+ years experience managing teams and projects.

But I also have 10+ years of experience in customer support from entry-level to senior management. Which makes me great at mapping the customer journey, crafting unforgettable customer experiences, and putting everything together for a funnel that converts leads and makes sales.

So, how do I know the Blueprint works?

Well, the proof is in the results we’ve already generated.

We helped …

… Nicole Wright create a new website and launch her membership platform with a landing page & email copy, and recover 200% of her investment in one month with new membership signups.

… One Link Tees increase their social media following by 300% and implemented an automated email sequence to streamline their order/inquiry process which resulted in a 28% increase in sales.

… Wagglingly Nutrition craft a marketing strategy that included social media posts, landing pages, blog posts and email sequences to increase their website traffic, grow their email list, and increase product sales by 47%.

And we can do the same for you. 

“I was in the market for my website to be rebranded and a colleague recommended AFIWI Marketing. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results that truly captured the essence of who I am and what my business, The Diamond Advantage Consulting, represents.

Anna was professional, patient with genuine understanding of my vision and offered her creative expertise to bring my website to life! The results are extraordinary! I would highly recommend partnering with AFIWI Marketing for your digital marketing needs!”

Dr. Heather Simone

Diamond Advantage Consulting []

The CPR Sales Funnel Blueprint™ will help you say



to DIY & tinkering with software and marketing stuff you hate.



to freedom to focus on the parts of your business you love – helping the people you want to serve.


What’s Included in The CPR Sales Funnel Blueprint™


Funnel Audit & Strategy [$1,500 Value]

Audit of your existing funnel and copy to pinpoint what’s working and what’s not. Customized funnel strategy based on your ideal customer, your offer(s) and your revenue goals.


1 Evergreen Landing Page [$1,500 Value]

Copy, wireframing and & design for 1 evergreen landing page for your lead magnet that will convert targeted qualified leads to your email list.


1 Sales Page [$2,200 Value]

Copy, wireframing & design for 1 (evergreen) sales page to consistently close sales for your signature offer.


2 Email Sequences [$2,000 Value]

Copy & wireframing for one 3-part evergreen welcome email sequence that will nurture your leads and eventually present your main offer. Plus copy & wireframing for one sales email sequence (up to 10 emails) to sell your main/launch offer.


Email Set Up in ESP [$750 Value]

Set up and aumation for one 3-part evergreen welcome email sequence that will nurture your leads and eventually present your main offer. Plus set up and automation for one 10-part sales email sequence to sell your main/launch offer.


Implementation [$1,500 Value]

We’ll upload your new pages to your website domain and set up your automations so the parts of your sales funnel – landing page, sales page, emails – all work seamlessly together.

Bi-Monthly Project Check-ins [$500 Value]

We’ll have updates, strategy assessments, and questions answered via Zoom every 2 weeks.


Unlimited Email Support [Priceless!]

We’ll stay in touch via email for the 8 weeks of the project – plus an extra 4 weeks post-launch – to ensure everything is running smoothly.


Access to Exclusive Client Portal

Keep track of everything via your exclusive client portal for all project documentation.


The fact of the matter is that the level of strategy, detail, and work that comes in this package will be overkill for many persons.

So, your business has to be at the right level, ready to scale.

You should also know that I only take on 1 client every 2 months for the CPR Sales Funnel Blueprint™️. This allows me to ensure that I can devote the necessary time and focus to building your online presence with words and an effective sales funnel that compels and sells. 

Let’s talk about the price…

Getting these services (strategy, copy, design, automation) from separate service providers will cost you infinitely more in time, resources, and dollars.

The good news is that the cost of the entire CPR Sales Funnel Blueprint™️ is only $6,000**. (That’s savings of $3,950 if you were to add up getting these services separately).

Plus, I’ve made it a bit easier on your cash flow with payment plan options.

I’m passionate about helping freelancers and entrepreneurs systemize and grow their business with effective copywriting and strategy, and I know this Blueprint works.

**This price will increase in Q2.



You’re looking to break through your current blocks and scale your business with copy and a sales funnel that drive sales.


You don’t have the time to waste tinkering with tools and software, trying to figure out how to get everything to work together seamlessly.


You’re terrified of looking like a hot mess on Ms. Warwick’s web and want your brand, tone, copy, and funnel to all work seamlessly together, showing you as the consummate professional you are.



You’re not willing to invest in the systems that will ensure your business can thrive and scale without you being overworked (roughly $100-$150/month if you don’t have them in play yet).


You have not identified who you want to work with (your Ideal Client Avatar) and what you want to offer them.


You are looking to learn the ins and outs of sales funnels and marketing. This is a done-for-you service.

“I highly recommend Anna for your marketing needs. She has an intuitive design sense and takes a truly holistic view on projects. She was even able to suggest a better way for some of the ideas I had.  It was truly a pleasure working with her. I can’t thank her enough!”


Nicole Wright Empowers

Ready for an effective sales funnel to systematize attracting, engaging, and converting your ideal clients?

Here’s what happens after you click the button to apply for the CPR Sales Funnel Blueprint™

Step 1

You’ll fill out a short intake form that I’ll use to determine if we’re a fit.

Step 2

If we’re a fit I’ll send you an invitation to book your discovery session. I’ll get to know more about you and your business so I can craft the perfect customized plan for you.

Step 3

After our call I will send you a proposal (based on our call) with a contract and invoice in one. After you sign and pay your deposit, I’ll send you a welcome kit via email with a client questionnaire and instructions on how to access our client portal (along with your login information).

Step 4

It’s time for me to start working on all the components of your strategy:

  • Your overall sales funnel and customer journey
  • Your sales page and landing page/opt-ins
  • Your lead magnet
  • Your email sequence(s)

We will have bi-monthly check-ins to review deliverables based on the project timeline.

Step 5

At the end of the 8 weeks we will have a final project delivery and hand over call. This will be followed by 4 weeks of email support.

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